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Mystery Shopping

To survive in a competitive market, enterprises must take every possible measure to enhance their capabilities and service quality. An accurate assessment, evaluation and improvement of frontline staff performances are the keys to delivering customers with a one-of-a-kind service experience and make them returning customers. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to conduct a ‘secret shopper' research.


Mansfield Consulting is one of the premier secret shopper service providers in Hong Kong.


Mystery shoppers will consume like an ordinary customer. For example, they will make a purchase, enquiry or dine at the designated retail outlet. Our mystery shopping researchers will collect data including work flow, staff responses and service quality during their mystery shopping experience.


The Mansfield research team will follow up with professional analysis for our clients’ needs based on the secret shopping report. By addressing (their) deficiencies, our clients can successfully upgrade their product and service quality and ultimately, increase sales and improve profitability.

mystery shopping

Why Mansfield?

Mansfield’s professional management team has more than 10 years of mystery shopper management experience. It is one of the most qualified secret shopping service providers in Hong Kong.


Mansfield mystery shoppers must undergo rigorous training and have obtained necessary qualifications before they conduct any secret shopping investigation.


All mystery shopping assessment reports are completed under strict quality control to ensure that collected data are accurate.


Our consultant team will provide marketing consultancy services so that enterprises can address the deficiencies identified during our mystery shopping investigation.


Mansfield provides tailor-mademystery shopping solutions for clients to overcome their deficiencies.

What types of businesses should use mystery shopping service?

  • Retail (e.g. fashion, sporting goods, home appliances, cosmetics, jewelry, computer supplies)

  • Food & Beverage (e.g. Chinese and Western restaurants, fast food)

  • Entertainment (e.g. cinemas, karaoke, theme parks) Professional services (e.g. banking, financial, insurance, real estate agency)

  • Hospitality

  • Property management

  • Telephone Hotline Network

  • Sales Ability Research

Sales Ability Research

  • Utilising mystery shopper research, we focus on analysing frontline staffs' sales techniques and performance in real-life selling situations. 

  • After the mystery shopping research, our consultants can formulate targeted sales training for the employees to improve their selling skills. Mystery shoppers will be used to verify the training result and identify any further areas for improvement, forming an upward cycle of sales ability growth system.

Closing a Deal

Key to Success:  execution quality

The implementation of mystery shopper assessment is complex. Any tiny error could lead to the failure of a visit. Therefore, only agencies with rich mystery shopping experience can guarantee a good quality of implementation.

Question 1: Mystery shoppers could easily expose their identity

Cause 1: Mystery shoppers lack enough training. Some of them even implement tasks without training.
Cause 2: If a mystery shopper visits a shop several times within a short period, his identity could easily be exposed.
Solution:Agencies must train mystery shoppers how to conceal their identities, for example, how to hide recorders, how to ask questions and how to lead conversations. Moreover, agencies must avoid assigning the same mystery shopper to a shop for twice within a short period of time.

Question 2: Mystery shoppers could easily expose their identity

 Cause:Agencies don’t present periodic reviews or the latest marketing research techniques to clients
Solution:Clients should choose a mystery shopping agency that can conduct periodic reviews for them. The research consultants should be able to provide clients with professional analysis based on the mystery shopping results.

Question 3: The results of mystery shopper investigations are inaccurate

Cause 1: Mystery shoppers fill in questionnaires carelessly without referring to recordings.
Cause 2: There are loopholes in the mystery shopping questionnaire. The options of answers are so confusing that mystery shoppers cannot correctly evaluate the performance of staffs. 
Solution: The mystery shopping questionnaire must be designed by professional and experienced researchers. Many questionnaires in market are fixed in form and slipshod in design, which leads mystery shoppers to answer carelessly. Agencies must also avoid irresponsible mystery shoppers. Therefore, clients should choose an executing agency with complete training and quality control systems.

shopper registration

Want to Sign up as a Secret Shopper?

Anyone over 18 years old is welcome to join our mystery shopper team. 


The work is flexible and can fit around your schedule.


You are not obliged to take on work and the amount of work you do is up to you. Before you start your first assignment we will provide you with a free training class.  Once selected, you will be invited to join our training class by email.



As a mystery shopper, you will be asked to present as a regular shopper and honestly assess your experiences and purchases. You will be asked to carefully consider things like service timings, staff product knowledge and the hygiene and cleanliness of a premise.


Job Requirements


Attention to detail

Good communication skills

Mature and responsible

Prior experience not necessary


 Mystery Shopping Survey FAQs


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