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  • 4-hour

    Heart Felt Service

    This training course will share with you the secret of inspiring employees to provide hearty service to customers.

    1. Understand customer expectations

    2. The challenges in a competitive business envrionment

    3. Key qualities of a professional front end staff

    4. The gap between customers and front end staff

    4.  The secret to success

    5. The road to success


    "Reminds me of how I feel when I begin my career in customer service.  This course touches my heart."

  • 3-hour

    Service Standard

    The purpose of this course is to enable employees to come up with a unified service standard and to provide customers with a consistently high quality service experience.

    1. How to establish and improve service standards

    2. Effective use of micro-grid analysis techniques to exceed customer expectations

    3. Benefits of service standards

    4. Difficulties of implementing service standards


    "This course has provided me with really good tools to improve our team's performance. This will help me and it will also benefit my customers."

    "Very easy to understand, and easy to relate with.  I can apply this immediately to my work." 

  • 4-hour

    Complaints Handling

    This course will teach management and frontline staff the skills to handling complaints effectively.

    1. Key complaints and the expectations of the customers

    2. Dealing with emotions in face of complaints

    3. Benefits of effective handling of complaints

    4. Poor complain handling

    5. Dealing with difficult customers


    “I always treat complaint handling as a work task instead of opportunities for learning and reflection.”


    “I used to speak my mind, not realizing that this may sometimes worsen the situation."

  • 6-hour

    Professional Sales

    This is an introductory course for salespeople of different industries. 
    This course aims to improve selling skills by introducing the basic concepts, skills and best practice of selling.​

    1. Professional sales in action

    2. How to leave a good impression

    3. The ethics of a professional sales

    4. Preparation

    5. Self-introduction

    6. Needs understanding

    7. Recommendations

    8. Objection handling

    9. Deal closing

    10. Relationship building


    "Thank you for such an enlightening and engaging experience. It has far exceeded my expectations."

    "The instructor was very experienced, knowledgeable and illustrated the ideas with relevant real life examples."

Uniqueness of Mansfield's Training Programs

  • Integration of Western and Eastern management wisdom

  • Chinese philosophy and Western management theories

  • People oriented

  • Practical and based on real-life cases

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