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How to proof top brand with research?

Here are some tips to prove a brand is top brand through research:

1. Look at market share and leadership. A top brand usually has a leading market share in its industry or product category. You can find data on market share from industry reports, analyst reports or the company's own financial reports. Established leadership over competitors is a sign of a top brand.

2. Examine brand awareness and perception. A top brand is usually widely recognized and has a positive brand perception. You can research the brand's awareness and perception through surveys, focus groups, brand studies or by looking at third party brand rankings and awards. High aided and unaided brand awareness, especially by key customer segments, is a marker of a top brand.

3. Review the brand's customer base and loyalty. Leading brands usually have a large, loyal customer following. You can assess this by looking at metrics like customer retention and churn rates, Net Promoter Scores, social media followers and engagement, etc. A top brand is able to maintain a dedicated customer base over time.

4. Analyze the brand's financial performance. Top brands usually demonstrate strong financial performance, including measures like consistent revenue and profit growth, stable or increasing market share, high operating margins, cash flow and shareholder value. This shows the brand is able to translate customer loyalty and market leadership into commercial success.

5. Evaluate brand equity and value. Leading brands have significant brand equity and monetary brand value. Look for rankings and reports on most valuable brands to see the brand's equity value. High brand value demonstrates the brand's strength and competitive advantage in the market.

6. Assess brand reputation and prestige. A top brand is viewed as a prestigious, reputable brand in the industry. Look for brand rankings, reviews and inclusion in "best of" lists by influential third parties. Appealing to influencers, experts and the media is a sign of a reputable top brand.

7. Review the brand's ability to command a premium. Top brands are usually able to charge a price premium due to their strong brand and customer loyalty. Assess the brand's pricing against competitors to determine if it is able to sustain higher pricing. The ability to earn a premium price point is a marker of a leading brand.

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