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Team Growth Workshop

Spiritual Herbal Tea 


"Spiritual Herbal Tea" for 

Busy Executives

Work life in Hong Kong can sometimes be hectic and stressful.  "Corp tea" is like the Chinese herbal tea for the spiritual mind of busy working individuals. The "Huangdi Neijing" said that "the best doctor cures people before the symptoms are seen". When the problem arises, it is often too late to cure. 


Managing people is often more difficult than managing tasks.  Human beings are not machines.  We have thoughts and feelings.  We have miscommunications and misunderstandings. Sometimes, we demonstrate cowardice and sometimes bravery.  Sometimes, we escape from responsibilities, sometimes we are very responsible.  These are the kinds of people issues that we have to deal with everyday.


This workshop series will focus on emotions, work conflicts, interpersonal problems that people encounter every day.


Improve sense of belonging and team cohesion

Strengthen the relationship between team members

Reduce work stress

Promote self-cultivation




The course is based on the wisdom of Confucian culture and the Western coaching methods.  The coach will inspire students in accordance with their aptitude.  Students will conduct group discussions and be able to see things from a more wholistic perspective, learn to listen and understand others, and reflect on their own behaviour.



Each class lasts 90 minutes, and the course can be held during office hours (1:00-2:30) or breakfast (9:00-10:30) to avoid affecting daily work. It is recommended to take one or two sessions per month consistently to freshen the mind and build up a positive learning culture.



The workshops will be held in the client's office for the convenience of the staff members.



Class Size

Option 1: One-to-one in-depth coaching

Suitable for company management

Option 2: Small class workshops (5-20 people)

Suitable for SMEs of different industries or small teams within a large organization


$2,500 per workshop (new customer trial offer $1,000)

Sign-up for 6 workshops 6: 10% off ($2,250 per class), to be completed within 12 months

Sign-up for 12 workshops: 20% off ($2,000 per session), to be completed in 18 months

Chinese Workshops

For customized training courses, please call 35431815 or email

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