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Mansfield has tailored appropriate survey solutions for many well-known brands and chain groups, including mystery customer surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, competitor analysis, market potential assessment, and store inspections and optimization. With years of accumulated expertise and practical experience, Mansfield has become a trusted market research expert in the industry, dedicated to providing customers with professional, accurate and practical survey data, helping companies develop more targeted marketing strategies, and enhancing customers' brand loyalty and consumption experience.

Girl with Shopping Bags

For retailers, restaurants,

service industries, etc.


Business Strategy

The Art of War Series

Presentation Skills Training

5S Training


New service development, customer insights,

needs understanding, etc.


Heart Felt Service

Difficult Customers

Professional Sales

萬賢堂企業培訓及神祕顧客調查 市場調查

Survey, street intercept, traffic count, satisfaction research, etc.

Team Talk

Spiritual "Herbal Tea" for Working Professionals

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