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Why are phone surveys becoming less popular?

Here are some limitations of phone surveys:

1. Response rate: One of the major limitations of phone surveys is the low response rate. Many people may not answer or may hang up before completing the survey. This can lead to biased data.

2. Limited sample size: Phone surveys are limited to the number of people who can be contacted through a phone call. This can result in a limited sample size, which may not be representative of the entire population.

3. Limited question types: Phone surveys are typically limited to closed-ended questions, which may not capture the complexity of certain issues. Open-ended questions and follow-up probes may be difficult to administer over the phone.

4. Limited data collection: Phone surveys are limited in terms of the data that can be collected. For example, it may be difficult to collect visual data or other types of information that would require a physical presence.

5. Bias and inaccuracies: There may be bias and inaccuracies in phone surveys due to factors such as interviewer bias, social desirability bias, and memory recall. This can lead to misleading or inaccurate results.

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