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Online Focus Groups via Zoom

A Zoom focus group is an online market research technique that uses the Zoom video conferencing platform to conduct a focus group.

Marketing research companies use Zoom focus groups for several reasons, including:


1. Convenience: Zoom focus groups are a convenient way for participants to provide feedback without having to travel to a physical location. Participants can join the focus group from their own location, which can save time and reduce costs associated with travel.


2. Cost-effective: Zoom focus groups can be more cost-effective compared to traditional in-person focus groups, as there are no costs associated with renting a facility, providing refreshments, or compensating participants for travel.


3. Wider reach: With Zoom focus groups, marketing research companies can reach participants from different geographic locations, which allows for a more diverse sample of participants. This can provide companies with a more comprehensive understanding of their target market.


4. Real-time feedback: Zoom focus groups enable marketing research companies to collect real-time feedback from participants, which can provide valuable insights into their opinions, attitudes, and experiences.


5. Enhanced data collection: Zoom focus groups can provide marketing research companies with enhanced data collection capabilities through features such as screen-sharing, recording, and real-time note-taking. This can help companies capture more detailed and accurate feedback from participants.


Overall, Zoom focus groups can provide valuable insights for product development, marketing, and customer experience improvement.

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